Wealth management is offered through our sister company and involves proactively helping families build, manage, and grow their wealth. This involves identifying the risk and return objectives of an investor’s portfolio with constant management and review to ensure certain milestones and life goals are achieved.


By considering the unique circumstances of investors, such as time horizon, liquidity needs, tax circumstance, risk tolerance, and return objective, we are able to tailor and formulate an investment portfolio based on our capital market expectations.



Latest Techniques


We utilize Modern Portfolio Theory and the Morningstar® Encorr® asset allocation software to develop and build investment portfolios to maximize return while lowering risk. This advanced tool performs complex statistical computations based on a long data sets and proven financial models to generate strategic asset allocation strategies. In addition, this software provides us with transparent charts and reports useful to identify opportunities and communicate results.


We also source the latest market trends from industry-recognized sources, such as Bloomberg and Reuters to ensure we can utilize tactical asset allocation methods to capitalize on market irregularities while staying true to the strategic asset allocation.


Management Fee Based Compensation & Independence


As a management-fee based wealth manager, we do not accept to receive any commissions to sell a particular investment product. We are compensated only by our client as a fixed percentage of assets under management. This allows us to be fully independent and only recommend investments that are suitable to the investor.


Personalized Service Approach


With periodic face-to-face meetings, you can be sure that you will receive a personalized service approach throughout. Whether an update meeting to go over performance or to discuss significant milestones that can impact the strategic asset allocation, we put the client’s interest ahead of our own and pledge to work at our best abilities to ensure goals are met.


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Our business valuation advisory services is the recognized choice when a fair and independent opinion on the equity fair market value of a business is sought by purchasers and sellers alike.




With a long successful track record in assessing the fair market value of businesses, we are able to bring matters to clarity when it comes to addressing changing market conditions and unique company circumstances based on a well-documented analysis based on internationally recognized valuation methodologies that can be applied to a wide range of circumstances or purposes, including:


  • Shareholder disputes;
  • M&A transactions;
  • Purchase price allocations relating to goodwill;
  • Matrimonial divisions; and
  • Succession planning.


Quantitative and Qualitative Approach


Prior to working through the numbers, we first spend time to understand the drivers that impact the business, including the revenue generation factors and cost drivers with senior management personnel. Understanding the business in all of its unique aspects is key.


This due diligence is continued until a Discounted Cash Flow model is developed that accurately forecasts the future free cash flows and market data is compiled to assess an accurate and current discount rate.


In order to add more validation to the Discounted Cash Flow model, we also perform a valuation opinion based on the price multiplier approach by sourcing publicly-traded comparable companies and apply those metrics to the company statistics if possible to ensure a more robust assessment.


Experience Matters


Our core valuation practitioner is a Chartered Financial Analyst® with over 10 years of experience in valuations. This includes past work as a Research Analyst identifying and analyzing investments with deep knowledge of valuation best practices and the local market.


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As a leading middle market transaction advisory firm, our successful track record ensures that we will be able to assist and when it comes to getting a deal done, look no further than the professionals at Kanaan & Associates who have assisted and facilitated numerous transactions related to purchases of businesses by quantifying the risks and identifying opportunities related to an ongoing deal.


We have represented buyers and sellers alike and to help clients reach their goals by:


  • Taking a universal transactional approach;
  • Spending time to fully understand the business;
  • Ensuring that we have assessed the key accounting, tax, and financial reporting issues pertinent to the buyer; and
  • Tailoring our procedures to ensure there is no overlap or unnecessary procedures included in our financial due diligence procedures.


Best of Both Worlds


By combining our international standards and local operating knowledge, we are able to provide compelling insights into a business. From whether a key provision relating to the recognition of employee end of service benefit has been accrued correctly to whether ongoing reconciliations are being performed on key accounts, you can be sure we will have all the bases covered.


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The International Accounting Standards Board (“IASB”) based in London is responsible for issuing International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”) that are intended to be the common accounting standard on a worldwide basis.


As such, work is constantly in progress in order to enable unification with other accounting standards, in particular United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (“US GAAP”) and is a reason behind several new IFRS pronouncements and why IFRS has been changing at such a fast pace.


With International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”) changing so frequently, many companies may find themselves falling behind and our IFRS consultations are a one-off engagement designed to assess whether the accounting policies of a company are in compliance with IFRS.


As IFRS generally takes a “principles-based” approach, there is much judgment involved in the application of certain accounting policies leading to guidance on implementation with practical experience critical to ensure proper and accurate implementation of IFRS pronouncements.


Fully Accredited and Recognized National and International Assurance Provider


Our commitment to deliver the highest quality assurance services is drawn on over 35 years of local experience in the United Arab Emirates and our international capabilities of BKR International, and involves utilizing the most modern techniques and necessitates a continually updated breadth of knowledge on evolving international standards.


As one of the first established public accounting firms in the United Arab Emirates, we have an established reputation in the market for our emphasis on providing quality professional services and are approved and recognized auditors with all government agencies in the UAE, including the major free zones across the United Arab Emirates, such as being an approved auditor by the Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”) and other free zones, from Abu-Dhabi to Fujairah.


We are also an approved auditor with the all national and international financial institutions in the United Arab Emirates with a well-diversified client portfolio across all industries.


In addition to providing guidance on whether a company’s accounting policies are in compliance with IFRS or to provide advisory on the implementation of a particular IFRS standard, we may also be engaged to implement a tailored complete accounting policy manual for a company with continued guidance on the operational factors influencing the ERP system.


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Having a robust set of corporate governance policies and procedures in place is one of the key steps required prior to going public. Although related to an internal control examination, corporate governance advisory services differ in the sense that we focus on the rights of shareholders as it relates to a public corporation. This sets the benchmark for corporate governance best practices; however, they are can also be applied in a private company setting.


Corporate governance principles are focused to ensuring shareholder rights are best protected, in particular when the managers of the company are different than the owners. This is often referred to as the agent-principal relationship.


Strong Foundation


When a company has implemented a robust corporate governance framework, they not only set the stage to go public in the future, but help minimize the cost of capital of the company. If the company is already public, corporate governance ensures conflicts between agents and principals are managed to ensure low operational risk and the long-term sustainability of the company.


The attributes of an effective corporate governance system will:


  • Clearly define governance responsibilities;
  • Identify measurable targets;
  • Provide fairness in dealings with all stakeholders; and
  • Increase transparency and disclosures.




Worthwhile Benefits


At Kanaan & Associates, we utilize internationally-recognized corporate governance best practices published by numerous sources, including those issued by the CFA Institute and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (“OECD”).


These publications issue guidance on corporate governance best practices that are utilized by the largest public corporations worldwide and often times stock market regulators require corporate governance standards influencing in large part by these publications.


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For new business set ups, a business plan provides a clear path from inception of the company to at least the operational stage. This formalizes the purpose of the business and quantifies the goals as there is generally a pro-forma financial statement with forecasted financial performance, financial position, and cash flows.


A business plan is also helpful for an existing business looking to set up a new department or division by detailing why the reasons for the new venture are worthwhile and the goals attainable.


Furthermore, certain government departments, including free zone authorities in the United Arab Emirates require a business plan to be submitted with the new company application and we are able to provide a comprehensive service in association with our corporate services department in this regard.


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