Wealth management is offered through our sister company and involves proactively helping families build, manage, and grow their wealth. This involves identifying the risk and return objectives of an investor’s portfolio with constant management and review to ensure certain milestones and life goals are achieved.


By considering the unique circumstances of investors, such as time horizon, liquidity needs, tax circumstance, risk tolerance, and return objective, we are able to tailor and formulate an investment portfolio based on our capital market expectations.

Latest Techniques


We utilize Modern Portfolio Theory and the Morningstar® Encorr® asset allocation software to develop and build investment portfolios to maximize return while lowering risk. This advanced tool performs complex statistical computations based on a long data sets and proven financial models to generate strategic asset allocation strategies. In addition, this software provides us with transparent charts and reports useful to identify opportunities and communicate results.


We also source the latest market trends from industry-recognized sources, such as Bloomberg and Reuters to ensure we can utilize tactical asset allocation methods to capitalize on market irregularities while staying true to the strategic asset allocation.


Management Fee Based Compensation & Independence


As a management-fee based wealth manager, we do not accept to receive any commissions to sell a particular investment product. We are compensated only by our client as a fixed percentage of assets under management. This allows us to be fully independent and only recommend investments that are suitable to the investor.


Personalized Service Approach


With periodic face-to-face meetings, you can be sure that you will receive a personalized service approach throughout. Whether an update meeting to go over performance or to discuss significant milestones that can impact the strategic asset allocation, we put the client’s interest ahead of our own and pledge to work at our best abilities to ensure goals are met.


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