A financial statement audit not only provides credibility and confidence to the financial statements, but also the identification of internal control deficiencies and other management issues that can help our clients in understanding and addresses key risks and challenges facing the business.


An audit often yields valuable information and helps ensure:


  • Independent opinion on financial reporting information;
  • Compliance with rules and regulations relating to the financial reporting process;
  • Identification of internal control material weakness and system deficiencies; and
  • Increased awareness of changing regulatory rules and accounting treatments.


International Standards


Our financial statements audits are performed using the highest level of ethics, professionalism, discretion, and competence. We are constantly updated on International Standards on Auditing (“ISA”) that we utilise in the performance of our financial statement audits.


ISA is issued by the International Federation of Accountants (“IFAC”) through the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (“IAASB”) which establishes the highest level of auditing standards and is the de facto standard for performing financial statement audits.


Automated Audit Software to Ensure Accuracy and Efficiency


In addition, all of our financial statement audits utilise the Caseware® assurance software (a comprehensive assurance software tool utilised by the top international accounting firms is used in over 130 countries around the world including the Big 4 accounting firms) as our working papers supporting our audit reports.



This allowed us to truly automate our audit engagements while increasing accuracy and transparency of our audited financial statements and working papers.


Fully Accredited and Recognized National and International Assurance Provider


Our commitment to deliver the highest quality assurance services is drawn on over 35 years of local experience in the United Arab Emirates and our international capabilities of BKR International, and involves utilizing the most modern techniques and necessitates a continually updated breadth of knowledge on evolving international standards.


As one of the first established public accounting firms in the United Arab Emirates, we have an established reputation in the market for our emphasis on providing quality professional services and are approved and recognized auditors with all government agencies in the UAE, including the major free zones across the United Arab Emirates, such as being an approved auditor by the Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”) and other free zones, from Abu-Dhabi to Fujairah.


We are also an approved auditor with the all national and international financial institutions in the United Arab Emirates with a well-diversified client portfolio across all industries.


Dedicated Teams and Quality Insights


All financial statements are assigned at least one manager and one partner to ensure a timely completion to each engagement and that any required consultations and discussions are promptly set up and resolved. Furthermore, our team is composed of professionals with advanced qualifications and educational credentials, including the Certified Public Accountant®, Chartered Accountant®, and Chartered Financial Analyst® designations backed by our proven internationally accredited methodology and deep knowledge of the local operating environment.


Global Service


As the exclusive member firm of BKR International for the United Arab Emirates, the 8th largest worldwide accounting association in the world, we are able to provide a unique global service so you can make sure that our client’s needs are taken care of across borders while ensuring consistent high quality services based on international standards.


We pledge to meet or exceed your expectations by developing a deep understanding of your business and staying on top of changing regulatory changes to ensure compliance with statutory laws and applicable reporting standards.


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Financial statement reviews are generally performed on interim financial statements, including monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual financial statements. As a limited assurance engagement, as compared to an audit, a review offers added flexibility to those who do not require a full audit yet still require an independent opinion on the financial statements.


International Standards


Our review procedures are based on International Standards on Review Engagements and our sophisticated analytical review procedures that utilise the Caseware® assurance software (a comprehensive assurance software tool utilised by the top international accounting firms is used in over 130 countries around the world including the Big 4 accounting firms) as our working papers supporting our review reports. This allowed us to truly automate our review engagements while increasing accuracy and transparency of the financial statements and working papers.


Tailored Solutions


We realize that each business has its own unique opportunities and challenges; therefore, we are cognizant on the need to carefully tailor our review procedures and inquiries based on our deep knowledge of the United Arab Emirates Federal Company Laws so our clients are not inundated by inapplicable inquiries and procedures.


Further, we assess with our client in advance as to whether a review engagement is most appropriate in the particular circumstances while providing a detailed overview of the review engagement to ensure expectations are met.


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The objective an internal audit engagement is to provide comfort that a company’s operations are operating according to their design and are aimed to help improve the effectiveness of the risk management, internal control environment, and corporate governance processes.


An internal audit differs from an internal control examination in that an internal audit involves a periodic audit of select internal controls and processes with a report detailing the results of testing and operating effectiveness presented to management of the company.


Need to Stay Up to Date on Regulatory Changes


In a world with constantly changing regulatory standards, there is a need to stay on top of developments and an internal offers unique insights and recommendations based on a thorough and comprehensive set of tests to ensure there are no flaws in the design and operating effectiveness of operations.


Focus on High-Risk Operations


We tailor each internal audit engagement to ensure the essential and highest risk operations are covered in relation to the business under review. This might be reflected in additional procedures applied to the cash cycle for a foreign exchange house or more focus on the valuation methodology for investment funds periodically updating their market to market on their portfolio of investment holdings.


Regardless of the unique circumstance, we pledge to provide reliable reports on our internal audit findings with expert analytics and advice to ensure the design and operating effectiveness of operations, including the internal controls related to the financial reporting cycle, are performing needed to ensure key risks are minimized to the lowest possible level.


Benefits of an Internal Audit


  • Minimizing overall business risk;
  • Ensuring no violations of laws and regulations;
  • A future IPO is planned; and
  • May ensure a higher business valuation.


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An internal control examination, or more formally, an examination of a company’s internal control over financial reporting is a thoughtful and comprehensive set of procedures designed to ensure the company’s control objectives are achieved.


Internal control examinations are typically performed less frequently than an ongoing internal audit and is particularly useful for companies that have not established a formal internal control framework yet or who need an independent opinion on the design of certain internal control processes relating to the financial reporting cycle.


A Risk-Based Approach


As each business is faced with unique challenges, our internal control examinations start from the ground up.


We first analyze and understand your business to ensure we can design the internal controls that are most relevant and essential to lowering risk and deliver a return on investment.


Our unique risk assessment approach is based on international standards and deep knowledge of the local operating environment to help:


  • Lower and manage risk;
  • Drive excellence in operations; and
  • Ensure compliance with laws and regulations.


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Forensic investigations refer to the use of accounting knowledge and financial reporting to investigate possible fraud, embezzlement, and other illegal acts. More often than not, forensic investigations and the related report is used as a component of legal proceedings.


Based on a long successful track record in being appointed as forensic accountants, we have developed unique knowledge and insights into the legal process in the United Arab Emirates, evidence reporting, and financial analysis/presentation in order to be accepted in the legal courts.


Attention to Detail


Investigating fraudulent transaction requires more than simply audit procedures, but rather a unique insight into the opportunities, incentives, and motivations to commit fraud that comes with almost four decades of experience across a wide span of cases in which our forensic report was utilized by the court to demonstrate and substantiate clearly the identified fraudulent transactions.


Furthermore, an “attention-to-detail” mindset is crucial to help identify and uncover transactions that may have been enacted on the basis of collusion. Due to the range of possible outcomes and opportunities present in each and every unique circumstance, creativity, combined with expert knowledge of accounting analysis is essential to uncover the audit trail that is left over from a series of fraudulent transactions.


Robust Experience


In addition to investigations related to fraudulent transactions, we have experience in:


  • Acting as financial expert witnesses;
  • Preparing of forensic reports in the required court format;
  • Analyzing complex transactions; and
  • Providing oral testimony.


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