About Us


Kanaan & Associates tailors each engagement to the exact needs of the client. In addition, all of the partners and managers are always actively involved in every engagement, as we believe constant team communication is the best and most efficient approach to business. The partners and managers are typically a phone call away and are easy to reach, giving you comfort in knowing you won’t be left with unresolved needs. We have developed trust with our clients over the years by:

  • Keeping up to date about our clients’ businesses
  • Having our associates work directly with our clients in the field
  • Quick and timely responses to our client’s needs
  • Constant communication and information sharing with our clients


At Kanaan & Associates, we believe that our biggest asset is our people. As such, we spend many hours on Continuing Professional Education and regularly-scheduled internal firm trainings. We work as a team to share knowledge as efficiently as possible in order to deliver a great smooth and unparalleled client experience. All of our people are well qualified for their respective job functions and most have attained designated professional credentials, such as the Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Accountant, and Chartered Financial Analyst designations. Our people are committed to providing our clients with the highest standards of professional service and are always easy to reach.



Every engagement is assigned at least one manager and one partner to provide every client with an experienced team. This allows our clients to work closely with our teams. We constantly communicate with our clients to share our detailed industry knowledge and best practices, enabling better decision-making.


At Kanaan & Associates, constant and detailed communication is paramount to the level and quality of service we offer our clients. We treat all clients based on our framework of dedication, honesty, competence, and respect. We believe your experience with us is a primary determinant to how well we have performed our job and we always strive to exceed client expectations. Kanaan & Associates’ ability to be flexible, while exceeding client expectations is what gives us our competitive advantage and allows us to add value for our clients.


Kanaan & Associates is committed to meeting client deadlines and other commitments with the highest professional standards. Our clients gain peace of mind and can rest assured that our highly skilled team and resources will deliver the work completely within the deadline. We have earned a reputation for client satisfaction over the years by providing:

  • Practical options and alternatives to issues and problems
  • Local knowledge and experience in areas relating to your business
  • Honest and dedicated professionals
  • Personalized, conflict-free, and objective advice to our clients.

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Our firm is subject to the stringent standards and requirements of the International Federation of Accountants (“IFAC”) and the International Standard on Quality Controls (ISQC 1). In line with the highest standards of BKR International, we have adopted a stringent Code of Ethics and Operating Procedural Manual across our Departments that are based on the principles and requirements of the IFAC Code of Ethics and ISQC1.

This objective is to establish and maintain a system of quality controls to provide our firm with comfort that professional standards, such as International Standards on Auditing, and laws and regulatory requirements are adhered to, and that reports issued by our firm and engagement partners are appropriate in the circumstances.

In addition to the oversight by the BKR International’s Regional and Worldwide Boards, we have adopted policies and procedures to ensure we continually deliver the highest quality services to our clients on a consistent basis.

As much as policies, procedures, and work flow processes are critical to ensuring quality services, we also recognize that culture is equally important and we have emphasized time and time again the importance of promoting an internal culture of ethics and doing the right thing resulting in the development of a concise framework for dealing with conflict.

Further, we apply the latest technology, such as audit software tools, to increase the efficiency and provide the highest level of assurance and security, while maintaining cost to a reasonable level. Our audit methodology and processes are continuously reviewed at a local level and in coordination with the BKR International Regional and Worldwide Boards.

As all our services involve confidential and sensitive client financial and non-financial data, we strictly follow our compliance policies and adherence to global standards, including:

  • ISO 27001 – International Standard for Information Security
  • BCM (Business Continuity Measures) and Risk Management Policies
  • Anti-Money Laundering Procedures
  • Compliance with UAE Rules and Regulations