Assurance is what fundamentally allows daily business transactions to take place and underlies investor and creditor confidence, as well as the proper functioning of debt and capital markets.

Furthermore, a comprehensive and systematic independent opinion can help identify deficiencies and material weaknesses and other insights that can aide business owners and other stakeholders in reducing risk and helping them achieving their goals.

We take our role as assurance providers very seriously and uphold our credibility through our daily work.

Our firm is subject to the stringent standards and requirements of the International Federation of Accountants (“IFAC”) and the International Standard on Quality Controls (ISQC 1). In line with the highest standards of BKR International, we have adopted a stringent Code of Ethics and Operating Procedural Manual across our Departments that are based on the principles and requirements of the IFAC Code of Ethics and ISQC 1.

In addition to the oversight by the BKR International’s Regional and Worldwide Boards, we have adopted policies and procedures to ensure we continually deliver the highest quality services to our clients on a consistent basis.

Moreover, we apply the latest technology, such as audit software tools, to increase the efficiency and provide the highest level of assurance and security, while maintaining cost to a reasonable level. Our audit methodology and processes are continuously reviewed at a local level and in coordination with the BKR International Regional and Worldwide Boards.



Our commitment to deliver the highest quality assurance services is drawn on our international capabilities of BKR International, and involves utilizing the most modern techniques, audit software tools, and necessitates a continually updated breadth of knowledge on evolving international standards.

We have an established reputation in the market for our emphasis on providing quality professional services and are approved and recognized auditors with all government agencies in the UAE, including the major free zones across the United Arab Emirates, such as being an approved auditor by the Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”) and other free zones, from Abu-Dhabi to Fujairah.

We are also an approved auditor with all national and international financial institutions in the United Arab Emirates with a well-diversified client portfolio across all industries.


At Kanaan & Associates, we are experienced and cognizant of the many issues clients face during an assurance or attest engagement and have developed assurance procedures and systems to simplify and streamline our engagements while maintaining the highest level of international standards and client service.

While international standards, such as International Financial Reporting Standards, are changing significantly every year, the fundamentals have not and it is with this reality that we bring with us a combination of up to date knowledge and a common sense approach to tackling business decisions.

Our unique assurance procedures help make our clients feel more at ease from the planning to completion phases with at least one partner and one manager involved in each and every step of the way. We also utilize constant and detailed communication to keep our clients well informed of our progress, as well as maintain a constant dialogue.

Moreover, every effort is made to reduce the amount of time required by the staff of our clients by requesting needed materials in advance and providing progress status updates along the way. All of this is done while allowing ourselves plenty of time to complete the work by the deadline set by our clients and statutory laws and regulations.


As the exclusive member firm of BKR International in the United Arab Emirates, we are able to leverage the expertise of our member firms located in over 500 offices and 80 countries to provide clients a global service while maintaining our personalized service approach.

BKR International is ranked as one of the top 10 global accounting associations with over US$ 1.4 billion in worldwide fees and each and every member firm must adhere to the highest quality standards and are committed to delivering superior client service throughout the world.


All of our assurance services are tailored to the exact requirements of our clients. From a financial statement audit to provide assurance that they are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards, to an internal control examination to identify material weaknesses in the internal control environment, to an agreed-upon procedures engagement to provide comfort on a specific financial statement assertion, such as sales verifications, you can be sure that you will experience a highly professional service that will meet or exceed your expectations.

By working closely with clients in the field and communicating on a frequent basis, we help ensure that there are no bumps along the way.

Our Assurance Department offers a full-range of assurance services, including:

With only the highest level of professional standards and ethics in all our assurance services, you can sure that our team will meet expectations to deliver accurate, complete, and a fair presentation in your financial reports.

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