The financial services industry has always been a key sector in most developing and developed economies. In line with the UAE’s goal to become the hub for regional finance, we have dedicated our team to provide guidance and insight to clients on new regulatory reforms and accounting pronouncements, such as the highly anticipated IFRS 9. As one of the first recognized auditors in the Dubai International Financial Centre based in Dubai, we have a focus for delivering the highest levels of professional service and up to date advice to the financial service industry. Timely and current knowledge of this field is essential for success due to the high amount of regulation facing firms in this industry, from insurance brokers to regulated banks. We believe that our front-line access to new developments in the industry will greatly benefit our clients and their risk management. Our front-line access to information extends to a broad network of regulators, law firms, bankers, advisors, and investors to deliver a comprehensive spectrum of support to help you achieve your goals. Additionally, we constantly utilize our association with BKR International to provide clients with a seamless extension of services on a global scale.