Oil & gas is a leading industry in the United Arab Emirates and will likely remain a leading industry for the foreseeable future. Through our experience working with some of the largest private and public oil & gas companies, our industry knowledge can prove valuable as the industry develops based on shifting demands. As a firm based in United Arab Emirates, a country that is one of the leading oil exporters, we are committed to staying current of changing regulations and are able to share our knowledge with our clients on a timely basis. This guarantees that oil & gas firms have what they need in order to navigate the complex business environment. Our deep knowledge of the industry extends to direct industry players and ancillary service providers based in various geographies in the United Arab Emirates from Fujairah to Dubai to Sharjah. This ensures that we are able to provide the highest level of professional service and we constantly utilize our association with BKR International to provide clients with a seamless extension of services on a global scale.