We measure the success of any engagement by our ability to add value due to long-term relationship we seek to build with every client. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and help you achieve your goals. As such, we only seek to serve clients for whom we are competent to serve and who value our service.

Regardless of the size of our clients, from small to large, and from public to private, we have a reputation for being the preferred choice for quality and value-added services through a wide range of service offerings that are time-tested and designed to help our clients navigate the increasingly complex business environment.


Our current service offerings are based on decades of experience combined with advanced educational credentials and professional designations. Most importantly, all of our service offerings are founded on our belief of the Right Way of Doing Business – Teamwork & Respect, Honesty & Trust, Dedication, and Competence. These pillars are embodied in our internal Code of Ethics.

Our current service offerings are grouped into the following Departments:

Each Department is staffed by a dedicated team of industry professionals experienced in international standards and the highest level of ethics. We also utilize frequent and detailed communication to keep our clients well informed of the progress of an ongoing engagement, as well as to maintain a constant dialogue.

In addition, every effort is made to reduce the amount of time required by the staff of our clients by requesting needed materials in advance and providing status updates along the way. All of this is done while allowing ourselves plenty of time to complete the work by any deadlines.


As the exclusive member firm of BKR International for the United Arab Emirates, which is consistently ranked as a top 10 global accounting association, we are able to assist our clients on a global basis by working with BKR International member firms around the world in over 500 offices and 80 countries.

Our international reach is what allows us to provide a seamless client service across borders with a single and local point of contact.

BKR International members around the world are large enough to offer an extensive range of services, yet small enough to provide a personalized service and connection. BKR International member firms are selected for their local influence, expertise, and international capability.

They must demonstrate that they have met the standards of their local jurisdiction, as well as undergo a thorough review by BKR’s Regional and Worldwide Board of Directors. BKR International members must also show dedication to continuous improvement. For more information about the power of the BKR International association, please Click Here.