At Kanaan & Associates, our people are the bedrock of our business. We believe that developing our people is the primary determinant of our success as a firm and we have grown our firm over the years by developing relationships, beginning with those we build with one another.

Kanaan & Associates is not only another typical public accounting firm, but also a closely-knit community of friendly people who enjoy being around one another. Our firm culture is based on open communication and the freedom of expression of ideas. All of our associates are treated with equal respect and our professional training adds to each associates professional and personal development.

This open communication culture is embedded in our firm culture of inclusiveness and is evident in all of our client relationships. Our partners and managers are always keen on sharing information and knowledge to the team and to clients, alike.

Every door here is open, and the senior team members are active parts of the team. Incredible people, interesting projects, and personal and professional growth are some of the key attributes that make Kanaan & Associates an exciting place to be at.


We realize the impact that our profession has on nearly everything else and we take that responsibility seriously. Our core values that govern all of our actions areas follows:


We are dedicated to add value to our clients and help them realize their goals. We work relentlessly in this endeavor and dedication is a top priority for our associates. It’s what makes us tick. It’s the driver and reason we come to work. We are dedicated to serving our clients.


We own what we do and are proud of what we do. Naturally, this requires us to be at the top of our game and is why we have devoted time per month for ongoing trainings for our associates. We also regularly participate in regional and international BKR conferences, allowing us to stay on top of any new developments and industry trends.


We believe that two minds are better than one and that open dialogue with each other leads to additional ideas being exchanged with greater efficiency. Kanaan & Associates encourages open communication lines between all levels of associates within the firm. This inclusive approach allows all of us to work in a team without fear of backlash or criticism. We extend this teamwork approach at the client site, as well by working closely in the field with our clients.


We realize that the bedrock of our services is trust. It is the binding agent for everything we do. Our work is relied upon by many outsiders and is imperative for the proper functioning of the financial and regulatory environment. We uphold that responsibility every day when we come in to work and have developed long-term relationships with clients and colleagues based on honesty and trust.

We utilize all of these four core values to engage our clients and help them seek solutions that will enable them to succeed in a world where the only thing constant is change.


As professionals, we play a significant role in the operation of the world’s financial system. Banks, investors, and other stakeholders rely heavily on our work. We take pride in the fact that our services add credibility, value, and trust by helping to improve transparency and consistency in the financial reporting and decision-making process. In order to succeed, we must grow and develop, both as individuals and as a business. We must have ethical core values to help us to achieve this growth through long-term relationships with our clients based on our four core values.


If you believe that you share the same core values and would like to be part of a dynamic team of industry professionals working along side one another each and every day solving complex problems on the basis of teamwork and respect, please email us your CV and Cover Letter to to begin the conversation.