The retail and wholesale trading industry is one of the most represented industries in the United Arab Emirates economy based on its early trade history and hub as a fishing port. Due to the frequent purchases and sales, strong relationships are indispensable when it comes to trading companies. More often than not, external financings are required to import and export products on a global scale, in particular for the free zone companies. As such, it is even more imperative to ensure that the proper financial reporting is in place to help ensure banks and other external lenders would be willing to provide letters of credit, trust receipts, letters of guarantee, bills discounting, and other useful trade credit to place your business at a competitive advantage. Whether it is negotiating supplier contracts, bank facilities, or credit terms for a customer, we have seen it all and will help guide our clients through the maze of complexities that come with running a trading business and together with our association with BKR International, we are able to provide clients with a seamless extension of services on a global scale.