Our advisory services are tailored to help create value for our clients and begins with a comprehensive assessment of the unique risks and opportunities facing the company.

We advise businesses and entrepreneurs on the current state of affairs of their operations and offer unique insights to realizing their goals in a multitude of areas that range in complexity. This requires a detailed analysis and absorption of the unique circumstances of the business, while staying on top of ever-changing professional and regulatory standards.


As businesses grow, the challenges and opportunities also develop and therefore, it is key to continually advance and reinvent oneself to take advantage of changing market environments. Our advisory services are aimed at helping companies work smarter, reduce costs, and manage risks.


All of our advisory services are tailored to the exact requirements of our clients while ensuring the value drivers of the particular service are met consistently. From a financial due diligence to provide comfort to the buyer in an acquisition to a business valuation, you can be sure that our professionals will add value to your business.


As the exclusive member firm of BKR International in the United Arab Emirates, we are able to leverage the expertise of our member firms located in over 500 offices and 80 countries to provide clients a global service while maintaining our personalized service approach.

BKR International is ranked as one of the top 10 global accounting associations with over US$ 1.4 billion in worldwide fees and each and every member firm must adhere to the highest quality standards and are committed to delivering superior client service throughout the world.

Our advisory service offering includes the following services:

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