An internal control examination, or more formally, an examination of a company’s internal control over financial reporting is a thoughtful and comprehensive set of procedures designed to ensure the company’s control objectives are achieved.

Internal control examinations are typically performed less frequently than an ongoing internal audit and is particularly useful for companies that have not established a formal internal control framework yet or who need an independent opinion on the design of certain internal control processes relating to the financial reporting cycle.


A Risk-Based Approach

As each business is faced with unique challenges, our internal control examinations start from the ground up.

We first analyze and understand your business to ensure we can design the internal controls that are most relevant and essential to lowering risk and deliver a return on investment.

Our unique risk assessment approach is based on international standards and deep knowledge of the local operating environment to help:

  • Lower and manage risk;
  • Drive excellence in operations; and
  • Ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

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