A financial statement audit not only provides credibility and confidence to the financial statements, but also the identification of internal control deficiencies and other management issues that can help our clients in understanding and addresses key risks and challenges facing the business.

An audit often yields valuable information and helps ensure:

  • Independent opinion on financial reporting information;
  • Compliance with rules and regulations relating to the financial reporting process;
  • Identification of internal control material weakness and system deficiencies; and
  • Increased awareness of changing regulatory rules and accounting treatments. 

International Standards

Our financial statements audits are performed using the highest level of ethics, professionalism, discretion, and competence. We are constantly updated on International Standards on Auditing (“ISA”) that we utilise in the performance of our financial statement audits.

ISA is issued by the International Federation of Accountants (“IFAC”) through the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (“IAASB”) which establishes the highest level of auditing standards and is the de facto standard for performing financial statement audits.

Automated Audit Software to Ensure Accuracy and Efficiency

In addition, all of our financial statement audits utilise the Caseware® assurance software (a comprehensive assurance software tool utilised by the top international accounting firms is used in over 130 countries around the world including the Big 4 accounting firms) as our working papers supporting our audit reports.

This allowed us to truly automate our audit engagements while increasing accuracy and transparency of our audited financial statements and working papers.

Fully Accredited and Recognized National and International Assurance Provider

Our commitment to deliver the highest quality assurance services is drawn on our experience in the United Arab Emirates and our international capabilities of BKR International, and involves utilizing the most modern techniques and necessitates a continually updated breadth of knowledge on evolving international standards.

We have an established reputation in the market for our emphasis on providing quality professional services and are approved and recognized auditors with all government agencies in the UAE, including the major free zones across the United Arab Emirates, such as being an approved auditor by the Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”) and other free zones, from Abu-Dhabi to Fujairah.

We are also an approved auditor with the all national and international financial institutions in the United Arab Emirates with a well-diversified client portfolio across all industries.

Dedicated Teams and Quality Insights

 All financial statements are assigned at least one manager and one partner to ensure a timely completion to each engagement and that any required consultations and discussions are promptly set up and resolved. Furthermore, our team is composed of professionals with advanced qualifications and educational credentials, including the Certified Public Accountant®, Chartered Accountant®, and Chartered Financial Analyst® designations backed by our proven internationally accredited methodology and deep knowledge of the local operating environment.

Global Service

As the exclusive member firm of BKR International for the United Arab Emirates, the 8th largest worldwide accounting association in the world, we are able to provide a unique global service so you can make sure that our client’s needs are taken care of across borders while ensuring consistent high quality services based on international standards.

We pledge to meet or exceed your expectations by developing a deep understanding of your business and staying on top of changing regulatory changes to ensure compliance with statutory laws and applicable reporting standards.

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