Forensic investigations refer to the use of accounting knowledge and financial reporting to investigate possible fraud, embezzlement, and other illegal acts. More often than not, forensic investigations and the related report is used as a component of legal proceedings.

Based on a long successful track record in being appointed as forensic accountants, we have developed unique knowledge and insights into the legal process in the United Arab Emirates, evidence reporting, and financial analysis/presentation in order to be accepted in the legal courts.


Attention to Detail

Investigating fraudulent transaction requires more than simply audit procedures, but rather a unique insight into the opportunities, incentives, and motivations to commit fraud that comes with almost four decades of experience across a wide span of cases in which our forensic report was utilized by the court to demonstrate and substantiate clearly the identified fraudulent transactions.

Furthermore, an “attention-to-detail” mindset is crucial to help identify and uncover transactions that may have been enacted on the basis of collusion. Due to the range of possible outcomes and opportunities present in each and every unique circumstance, creativity, combined with expert knowledge of accounting analysis is essential to uncover the audit trail that is left over from a series of fraudulent transactions.

Robust Experience

In addition to investigations related to fraudulent transactions, we have experience in:

  • Acting as financial expert witnesses;
  • Preparing of forensic reports in the required court format;
  • Analyzing complex transactions; and
  • Providing oral testimony.

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