IFRS outsourced accounting services represents the backbone of our outsourced services department by completely outsourcing the financial reporting process to dedicated team of qualified accountants with decades of experience and holding advanced professional qualifications, such as the Certified Public Accountant® and Chartered Accountant® designations.

Tailored Solutions

We begin each and every IFRS outsourced engagement by fully understanding your business and what drives the revenue and cost components. We also take into account any significant relationships that may influence the accounts, such as related party arrangements and bank facilities.

After a comprehensive assessment has been made, we develop a unique chart of accounts tailored for that specific business. This chart of accounts can also reflect the parent company chart of accounts in order to deliver a seamless consolidation process at a later stage.

This is then followed by a presentation of viable ERP and accounting systems based on the particular business activities, revenue recognition policy and inventory management system, among other considerations.

The particular system chosen can also be an online solution that can be on the cloud for easy and convenient access for our clients from anywhere in the world or a more traditional based reporting system with monthly financial reporting by a set deadline subsequent to month end closing.

Pro-activeness is in our DNA

Regardless of the scope of services and system chosen, you can be assured that our reliable team of specialists will help simplify the management of the business and allow you to focus on the core operations to deliver growth.

At Kanaan & Associates, we understand the rules and have implemented a system to ensure to compliance. This allows our clients to minimize risk of regulatory fines or enforcement action by taking a pro-active step that regulatory changes are adhered to on a timely basis. This includes close communication with our clients and sharing best practices and our experience in regulatory reporting.

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