Financial statement reviews are generally performed on interim financial statements, including monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual financial statements. As a limited assurance engagement, as compared to an audit, a review offers added flexibility to those who do not require a full audit yet still require an independent opinion on the financial statements.

International Standards

Our review procedures are based on International Standards on Review Engagements and our sophisticated analytical review procedures that utilise the Caseware® assurance software (a comprehensive assurance software tool utilised by the top international accounting firms is used in over 130 countries around the world including the Big 4 accounting firms) as our working papers supporting our review reports. This allowed us to truly automate our review engagements while increasing accuracy and transparency of the financial statements and working papers.

Tailored Solutions

We realize that each business has its own unique opportunities and challenges; therefore, we are cognizant on the need to carefully tailor our review procedures and inquiries based on our deep knowledge of the United Arab Emirates Federal Company Laws so our clients are not inundated by inapplicable inquiries and procedures.

Further, we assess with our client in advance as to whether a review engagement is most appropriate in the particular circumstances while providing a detailed overview of the review engagement to ensure expectations are met.

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