Outsourced human resources involve building an appropriate HR infrastructure and managing any changes in employees. We are also available as the HR manager to an organization by building an ongoing dialogue with employees to answer their queries, such as sending monthly payroll slips, answering queries on vacation accrual, or the advising them on the computation of the end of service benefit based on the relevant labour law applicable to the company.

Keeping You Up to Date

As the outsourced HR department, we also provide periodic updates on new changes that can impact the compliance surrounding the management of employees to deliver an efficient support system predicated on full compliance with laws and regulations.

Personalized Approach

Our approach to outsourced human resources services is unique in the sense that we tailor the scope of our services based on the needs of the client.

This includes a dedicated point of contact for all employees to simplify the process for ongoing communications. For larger companies with over 50 employees, we may recommend an HR manual to be issued and can provide seminars in a group setting to communicate any policy changes impacting payroll management and communicating human resources policies and procedures set by the company.

In addition to a personalized service approach, outsourced HR services will allow for a cost efficient approach to management of employees while ensuring confidentiality is maintaining across the company in a secure environment.

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